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A Sphinx Extension for Generating Jupyter Notebooks


2 years ago

This is a minor release to make writing templates that support next and prev metadata easier to write without having multiple object types. It relies on metadata or no metadata.

  • FIX: Simply interface with template layer for next and prev metadata in notebooks #333 (mmcky)


2 years ago

Minor update to 0.5.8 that fixes an edge case where titles are composed of text and other element types such as index. This parses the children list and extracts text items only.


2 years ago

This release includes a minor update to next and prev metadata support (introduced in 0.5.7) to enable a filter in conf.py for documents that are not to be written to the nb metadata.


jupyter_nextprev_ignore = ["404, "search"]
  • ENH: Add support for exclusion of Next and Previous metadata in conf.py #330 (mmcky)


2 years ago

This release includes metadata for next and previous documents

  • ENH: add next and prev document metadata to notebook meta #329 (mmcky)

The metadata is provided at the notebook level in nb.metadata and is in the following format:

"next_doc": {
   "link": str(docname),
   "title": str(title)

with metadata keys: next_doc and prev_doc.

If a next/previous document does not exist there is no metadata included for that item.


3 years ago

This minor release includes:

  • [ENH] Remove early version requirements for dask #328 (mmcky)
  • [TEST] add sphinx=3.0.3 testing #327 (mmcky)


3 years ago

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

Note: Python Version 2.7 is no longer tested as of this release. Python=3.7 and 3.8 will be tested.


3 years ago

This is a minor release to fix the version of dask as the extension is not compatible with the current version of dask due to a change in internal data structures. Issue #313


3 years ago

This release includes support for building book style PDF files for projects as a single PDF file.

New Features:


3 years ago

Update to fix an issue with copying static assets when using make jupyter.

Bug Fixes:

  • FIX: fix bulk copy of static for all builder targets #298 (mmcky)


  • Add improved Description for PyPI #293 (mmcky)


3 years ago

This release adds the ability to produce pdf documents (via jupyter ipynb) and adds timestamp metadata to notebooks. To use the pdf feature the theme requires a latex.tpl support template. See documentation for further details.


make juptyerpdf

New Features:


  • ENH: Update to tests, update relative links, and delete files that are no longer used #276 (sglyon)


  • DOCS: Document pdf pipeline and translator options #219