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A comprehensive Slack API client for .NET


3 months ago
  • Added HuddleState and HuddleStateExpirationTs properties to UserProfile.

Thankyou to @JoeMyers for this release ➕


3 months ago
  • Fixed content type of event endpoint challenge.
  • Checking content type of request before trying to deserialize it.

Thankyou to @SamuelCharest for his help with this release 🛠️


4 months ago
  • Added Link.Email helper method for creating email links.
  • Added PostToWebhook method to SlackApiClient for posting messages to incoming webhooks.
  • Added IncomingWebhook property to OauthV2AccessResponse for collecting generated webhook URLs.

Thankyou to @TimSon777 for his help with this release 👍


4 months ago
  • Fixed deserialization of MessageBlocks property in attachments.
  • DatePicker.FocusOnLoad property isn't serialized when false, to avoid a Slack internal error.
  • Added DateTimePicker, EmailTextInput, UrlTextInput, and NumberInput block elements.

Thanks again to @theteladras for his help with this release 🤝


5 months ago
  • Added Border property to RichTextList.
  • Singular enum arguments are added to request URLs without quotes (fixes #135).
  • Fixing Search API response deserialization by changing from MessageEvents to new MessageSearchResponse class.

Thank you to @theteladras for his help with this release ✨


5 months ago
  • Added ApiAppId property to UserProfile.
  • Improved performance of type lookups during deserialization across multiple threads.

Thankyou to @theteladras and @omer-koren for this release 🥇


5 months ago
  • Added Unicode and SkinTone properties to RichTextEmoji.
  • Added PinnedTo and PinnedInfo properties to MessageEvent.
  • Added DeleteScheduledMessage method to ChatApi.
  • Fixed type of ScheduledMessage.Id and added missing Text property.
  • Added EnterpriseId property to EventCallback.
  • Added TeamAccessGranted and TeamAccessRevoked events.
  • When a logger is attached, the default Http service will correctly log requests.

Many thanks to @theteladras, @omer-koren, @magnusfox, and @henkli for their help with this release 🥳


7 months ago
  • Added team billing & preferences APIs.
  • Added support for Slack Connect invitations.


8 months ago
  • Added Attachment properties that appear on message unfurls (shared messages).

Thankyou to @omer-koren for this release ✌️


8 months ago
  • Fixed deserialization of EmojiApi.List's response so emojis are returned properly.
  • Fixed deserialization of DndApi.TeamInfo's response so users' DnD statuses are returned properly.

Thanks to @omer-koren for his help with this release 🛠️