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YARA signature and IOC database for my scanners and tools

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Signature-Base is the YARA signature and IOC database for our scanners LOKI and THOR Lite

Focus of Signature-Base

  1. High quality YARA rules and IOCs with minimal false positives
  2. Clear structure
  3. Consistent rule format

Directory Structure

  • iocs - Simple IOC files (CSV)
  • yara - YARA rules
  • threatintel - Threat Intel API Receiver (MISP, OTX)
  • misc - Other input files (not IOCs or signatures)

External Variables in YARA Rules

Using the YARA rules in a tool other than LOKI or THOR Lite will cause errors stating an undefined identifier. The rules that make use of external variables have been moved to the following files:

  • ./yara/generic_anomalies.yar
  • ./yara/general_cloaking.yar
  • ./yara/gen_webshells_ext_vars.yar
  • ./yara/thor_inverse_matches.yar
  • ./yara/yara_mixed_ext_vars.yar
  • ./yara/configured_vulns_ext_vars.yar
  • ./yara/gen_fake_amsi_dll.yar
  • ./yara/expl_citrix_netscaler_adc_exploitation_cve_2023_3519.yar
  • ./yara/yara-rules_vuln_drivers_strict_renamed.yar

Just remove these files in case you see the above error message.

High Quality YARA Rules Feed

If you liked my rules, please check our commercial rule set and rule feed service, which contains better and 20 times the number of rules.


How can I report false positives?

Use the issues section of this repository.

How can I help with bugs in rules?

Navigate to the file in this repository. Click on the "edit" symbol in the upper right corner. Edit the file and create a pull request.

How can I provide a YARA rule or IOCs?

I accept pull requests. See this thread for some help on how to create such a request.

What are the differences between THOR Lite and LOKI?

See our comparison table here.


On 13.08.2021 this repository switched its license to "Detection Rule License (DRL) 1.1" (URL: The last version of the rule set released under the old CC-BY-NC can be found here.

All signatures and IOC files in this repository, except the YARA rules that explicitly indicate a different license (see "license" meta data), are licensed under the Detection Rule License (DRL) 1.1.

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