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Shuup is an Open Source E-Commerce Platform based on Django and Python.

Copyright (c) 2012-2021 by Shuup Commerce Inc. [email protected]

Shuup is International Registered Trademark & Property of Shuup Commerce Inc., Business ID: BC1126729, Business Address: 1500 West Georgia Suite 1300, Vancouver, BC, V6G-2Z6, Canada.


Contributor License Agreement is required for any contribution to this project. Agreement is signed as a part of pull request process. See the CLA.rst file distributed with Shuup.


Shuup is published under Open Software License version 3.0 (OSL-3.0). See the LICENSE file distributed with Shuup.

Some external libraries and contributions bundled with Shuup may be published under other compatible licenses. For these, please refer to file in the source code tree or the licenses included within each package.


We have a Gitter chat room for Shuup. Come chat with us! |Join chat|

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Docker quick start

Fastest way to get Shuup up and running is to use Docker <>_.

  1. Run:

    .. code-block:: shell

    docker-compose up

  2. Open localhost:8000/sa <http://localhost:8000/sa>_ in a browser, log in with username: admin password: admin

Full Shuup installation guide

See Getting Started <>__.

For simple project example see our Django-project template <>__.

Getting Started with Shuup development

See Getting Started with Shuup Development <>__.

Contributing to Shuup

Interested in contributing to Shuup? Please see our Contribution Guide <>__.


Shuup documentation is available online at Read the Docs <>__.

Documentation is built with Sphinx <>__.

Issue the following commands to build the documentation:

.. code:: sh

pip install -r requirements-doc.txt
cd doc && make html

To update the API documentation rst files, e.g. after adding new modules, use command:

.. code:: sh



v3 (Q4 2021) ###############

  • Initial Django 3.x support
  • Latest Jinja support
  • Deprecate theme folders under Shuup front which are used to override individual macros in macro folders. This does not work well with latest Jinja and adds extra complexity.

v4 (Q1 2022) #############

  • Move Shuup front, xtheme and theming features to own addons. This so that projects not ready for updating theme or front can still get latest Shuup.
  • Introduce new default theme and overhaul templates structure to be more simple (likely Bootstrap 5 will be used).
  • Bump admin Bootstrap version to match with the new front
  • Move various other not essential apps in this repository to addons for better version management.

Additional Material

  • Django-project template <>__. Django-project template.
  • Provides system <>__.
  • Core settings <>__.
  • Front settings <>__.
  • Admin settings <>__.
  • Extending Shuup <>__.

Admin Preview

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