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shinyThings is a collection of reusable Shiny components (modules and inputs).

My personal DRY storage for Shiny bits I’ve used in my projects.


You can install shinyThings from Github via

# install.packages("devtools")


Implements Bootstrap 3 Button Dropdowns using Shiny modules.

# Try it out


Implements Bootstrap 3 pagination and pagers using Shiny modules.

# Try it out

Toggle Button Groups

Implements groups of toggle buttons using Bootstrap 3 button toolbars as a Shiny input. Each button can be toggled on or off, and the group may be limited to a single on button at a time, or multiple active buttons. (For one-button-always-selected behavior, see radio switch buttons below.)

# Try it out

# UI Side
shinyThings::buttonGroup("input-id", choices = letters[1:3])

# Server Side
shinyThings::updateButtonGroupValue("input-id", values = "b")

Radio Switch Buttons

Implements a button-styled version of shiny::radioButtons(). One button is always active (unless unset by the app).

Adapted from CSS code by Mike Hemberger described in

# Try it out

# UI Side ----
# Set Default style
shinyThings::radioSwitchButtons_default_style(selected_background = "#00589a")
# Create input
shinyThings::radioSwitchButtons("input-id", choices = letters[1:5])

# Server Side ----
shinyThings::updateRadioSwitchButtons("input-id", selected = "b")

Undo/Redo History

A Shiny module for undo/redo history. The Shiny module accepts an arbitrary reactive data value. Changes in the state of this reactive value are tracked and added to the user’s history. The user can then repeatedly undo and redo to walk through this stack. The module returns the current selected value of the reactive from this historical stack, or NULL when the app state was changed by the user.

# Try it out

# UI Side ----
# UI with undo/redo buttons

# Server Side ----
# Create a reactive value whose state will be tracked. Note that you control 
# the structure of the data being tracked and also how the data will be 
# restored. `undo_app_state` will have the same structure.
undo_app_state <- undoHistory("module-id", value = reactive({
    text = input$a_text_input_id,
    selected = input$a_select_input_id

# Use an observer to update inputs as required as the user steps through the
# undo/redo history stack.
  updateTextInput(session, "a_text_input_id", value = undo_app_state()$text)
  updateSelectInput(session, "a_select_input_id", selected = undo_app_state()$selected)
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