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Machine Learning Platform and Recommendation Engine built on Kubernetes

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Update January 2018

  • Seldon Core open sourced.
    • Seldon Core focuses purely on deploying a wide range of ML models on Kubernetes, allowing complex runtime serving graphs to be managed in production. Seldon Core is a progression of the goals of the Seldon-Server project but also a more restricted focus to solving the final step in a machine learning project which is serving models in production. Please have a look at the project page which includes extensive documentation to investigate further.

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This project is not actively maintained anymore please see Seldon Core.

Seldon Server is a machine learning platform that helps your data science team deploy models into production.

It provides an open-source data science stack that runs within a Kubernetes Cluster. You can use Seldon to deploy machine learning and deep learning models into production on-premise or in the cloud (e.g. GCP, AWS, Azure).

Seldon supports models built with TensorFlow, Keras, Vowpal Wabbit, XGBoost, Gensim and any other model-building tool — it even supports models built with commercial tools and services where the model is exportable.

It includes an API with two key endpoints:

  1. Predict - Build and deploy supervised machine learning models created in any machine learning library or framework at scale using containers and microservices.
  2. Recommend - High-performance user activity and content based recommendation engine with various algorithms ready to run out of the box.

Other features include:

  • Complex dynamic algorithm configuration and combination with no downtime: run A/B and Multivariate tests, cascade algorithms and create ensembles.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuring and managing Seldon Server.
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 REST and gRPC APIs to streamline integration with your data and application.
  • Grafana dashboard for real-time analytics built with Kafka Streams, Fluentd and InfluxDB.

Seldon is used by some of the world's most innovative organisations — it's the perfect machine learning deployment platform for start-ups and can scale to meet the demands of large enterprises.

Get Started

It takes a few minutes to install Seldon on a Kubernetes cluster. Visit our install guide and read our tech docs.

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Seldon is available under Apache Licence, Version 2.0

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