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A mapping between SDCs M&A database and the gvkey's in Compustat

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Connecting SDC's M&A database to Compustat requires gvkey's for both the acquirer and target (if they are traded/public). Gordon Phillips and Alexei Zhdanov (RFS, 2013) created the first major mapping between firms in SDC and Compustat using a combination of name and date matching. Gaps were filled in using a fuzzy string search aided by manual checks that replicates the gvkey search in WRDS. The data was used in Ewens, Peters and Wang (2024). Either myself or a research assistant searched all M&As deals from 1976--2024 with a public target or acquirer that did not have a gvkey in the Phillips and Zhdanov data, comparing names and dates by hand after a fuzzy merge.


The data connecting SDC deal number to gvkeys is in csv form with the following structure:

(DealNumber, tgvkey, agvkey, source)


  • DealNumber: SDC identifier for deals.
  • agvkey: the acquirer gvkey (can be missing)
  • tgvkey: the target gvkey (can be missing)
  • source: indicates a new merge from a June 2024 merge of SDC and Compustat, 0 or 1.

Note that this includes all deals where we could find a gvkey for the acquirer or target. Basic statistics as of June 21, 2024:

  • 132,497 deals with agvkey
  • 60,071 deals with tgveky
  • 24,153 with both agvkey and tgveky

Company-level match using CUSIP

This file was removed because WRDS provides this already and SDC has a CUSIP.


Stay tuned (i.e., watch or star this repo.) for updates. For any errors or fill-ins, please email [email protected].


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