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A CLI tool for Remix applications. Future versions will support adding external commands.

🛠 Installation

npm install -D rmx-cli


🎁 svg-sprite ✨ NEW

Generate SVG sprites recursively from SOURCE_FOLDER. It generates the sprite file, as well as a React component to create the icon by specifying the fully-typed icon name. It also exports the href of the sprite file to use in the Remix links export.

The OUTPUT_PATH can be a folder or a filename. If it is a filename, that will be used as the base name if there are multiple source folders. For example: components/icons/icon.tsx will generate an icons.tsx and icons.svg file for every source folder.

If you want to generate a React component for each icon, then add the --components argument. Then you can import the named icon directly.

NOTE: The React component name will be the filename in TitleCase

You can specify a custom template file that will be used as the base for the generated React component. The typed IconNames and exported components will be be appended to this template file. An array of icon names is also exported: export const iconNames = ["..."] as const

Here's a sample template file:

import { type SVGProps } from 'react'
import { cn } from '~/utils/misc'
import href from './sprite.svg'
export { href }

const sizeClassName = {
  font: 'w-font h-font',
  xs: 'w-3 h-3',
  sm: 'w-4 h-4',
  md: 'w-5 h-5',
  lg: 'w-6 h-6',
  xl: 'w-7 h-7',
} as const

type Size = keyof typeof sizeClassName

export default function Icon({
  size = 'font',
}: SVGProps<SVGSVGElement> & { icon: IconName; size?: Size }) {
  return (
      className={cn(sizeClassName[size], 'inline self-center', className)}
      <use href={`${href}#${icon}`} />
npx rmx-cli svg-sprite SOURCE_FOLDER OUTPUT_PATH [--components] [--template=TEMPLATE_FILE]



npx rmx-cli svg-sprite assets/svg app/components/icons
// import default Icon component and specify the icon by name
// import the href to the sprite file to use in `links` export
import {
  default as RadixIcon,
  href as radixIcons,
} from "~/components/radixicons";

<RadixIcon icon="bookmark" className="text-red-500 h-6 w-6" />
<RadixIcon icon="envelope-open" className="text-green-500 h-6 w-6" />

// OR import named icon components (using --components flag)
import {
  href as outline24Icons,
} from "~/components/heroicons/24/outline";

// generate <link rel="preload"> for the sprite file
export const links: LinksFunction = () => [
  { rel: "preload", href: outline24Icons, as: "image" },
  { rel: "stylesheet", href: tailwindCss },

// control color and size using className
<ArchiveBoxIcon className="text-red-500 h-6 w-6" />
<ArrowDownIcon className="text-green-500 h-6 w-6" />
<CakeIcon className="text-blue-500 h-6 w-6" />

🪂 eject-ras

Eject your Remix project from Remix App Server to Express

npx rmx-cli eject-ras

📦 get-esm-packages

Scan for ESM package to add to remix.config.js serverDependenciesToBundle

npx rmx-cli get-esm-packages [package-name ...]


    npx rmx-cli get-esm-packages @remix-run/node @remix-run/react

🏷️ version

List all Remix package versions installed in node_modules

npx rmx-cli version

🚀 gen-remix

THis script will generate a remix.ts file which re-exports all exports from specified packages. This essentially works like the magic remix package from early Remix.

Why is this useful?

  1. Go back to importing from one file instead of adapter specific packages. If you ever switch adapters, just re-generate the remix.ts file.
  2. Adds support for overrides. Now you can override a standard Remix export with your own function. Like replacing json, useLoaderData, etc. with the remix-typedjson functions.
  3. Add "postinstall": "rmx gen-remix" to package.json to ensure the file is regenerated when upgrading Remix packages.


    $ npx rmx gen-remix [options]

    --config PATH       Config path (default: ./gen-remix.config.json)
    --packages PACKAGES List of packages to export
    --output PATH       Output path (default: ./app/remix.ts)

    rmx gen-remix --packages @remix-run/node @remix-run/react


You can also include an optional config (defaults to gen-remix.config.json) where you can specify overrides.

  "exports": ["packageA", "packageB"],
  "overrides": {
    "<source-package>": [
      "<original-package>": {
        "<original-export>": "<new-source-export>",
      "<original-package>": {
        "<original-export>": "<new-source-export>",

Example config:

This config replaces the Remix json, redirect, useActionData, etc. with the versions for remix-typedjson.

  "exports": ["@remix-run/node", "@remix-run/react", "remix-typedjson"],
  "overrides": {
    "remix-typedjson": {
      "@remix-run/node": {
        "json": "typedjson",
        "redirect": "redirect"
      "@remix-run/react": {
        "useActionData": "useTypedActionData",
        "useFetcher": "useTypedFetcher",
        "useLoaderData": "useTypedLoaderData"

😍 Contributors

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


💻 📖

Roy Revelt


Kent C. Dodds


Kiran Dash


Andrew Cohen


Andrew Coppola


Markus Wolf


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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