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Two player Pong reinvented using Vue.js and Rails w/ Action Cable

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Pong reinvented using Rails and Vue.js

This purpose of this app was to demonstrate the use of a progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js and Rails ActionCable to build a two player pong game that can be played over the web.


Just over 500 games have been played on the demo. I decided to request a $1 donation at the end of the game. If you found this helpful in any way, support the project by playing a game for $1.00 and invite your friends:


The Basic Architecture when Playing a Game

Pong Architecture

There also exists a GamesChannel which broadcasts every time a point is scored or a game changes state.

Latency issue

There exists a latency issue where a paddle's position may be behind to it's true position at a point in time. This may also exist with the ball's position as seen by the client. I'm sure this is a common issue among multiplayer games, but have no experience in that department so am open to suggestions.

Rails Dev Setup

# run the migration
rake db:migrate

# dev server
rails server

Webpack Dev Setup

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

Production Setup

The app is deployed to heroku using a nodejs buildpack and ruby buildpack. A configuartion in package.json for "heroku-postbuild" which runs npm run build before starting the Rails server.

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