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Hacktoberfest2021 (Excluded)

Hey ? everyone , hacktoberfest is back with biggest beginners friendly opensource event. Event will start from 1st of October and will remain upto 31st October 2021.

Due to lot of spam pull request our repository got excluded from Hacktoberfest 2021 but you can still contribute here by sending relevent PR.

What you need to do in this event?

You need to generate 4 valid pull request and want to contribute in opensource

let's discuss how you can contribute in hacktoberfest 2021 ?

Rules for contribution.

1) Fork this repository.

2) Star this repository.⭐

3) Choose your favourite programming language.

4) Add valid program (or code) on that sub repository.

5) Don't forget to add the problem statement , comments and complexity.⚠️⚠️ It's a must part.

6) Commit the change and generate a valid pull request.

7) After carefully reviewing your code , if it is valid then it will be merged otherwise discarded.

⚠️⚠️ NOTE: Similar type of code(or program) will not be accepted. So kindly see the codes first and if you want to improve it then you can do that as well. That's also a kind of contribution and on that basis you will learn a lot.

Various programming language in which you can contribute.

Types of program which are accepted are:

  • Related to Data Structure and algorithms
  • Sorting and Searching algorithms

Nomenclature for submission.

nameofcode.extension for example hello.py shell_sort.cpp

Various IDE you can use for coding are.

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Keep smiling and keep coding ?

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