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Extracting relevant information from resume using deep learning.

Project README


Extracting relevant information from resume using Deep Learning.

Getting Started


Steps: It is recommended to do the installation in anaconda virtual environment to avoid issues with dependencies. You can skip creating conda virtual environment(at your own risk!)

  1. Run conda create --name resumefilter python=3.7.6
  2. conda activate resumefilter
  3. git clone
  4. cd ResumeFilter
  5. pip install -U setuptools
  6. pip install -e .


Data Preparation

Getting training data is most challenging part due to lack of publicaly available dataset of resume. Currently, to create training data you will have to manually label the lines of resume.

1.Put the resume in data/training_data folder. Currently only .pdf and .docx format supported.

2.Run utils/ A popup will be created. Annote the lines of resume in the same.



4.Trained model will be saved in trained_model folder.

Ready to use!

5.Put the resume to parse in data/resume_to_parse folder. Only .pdf and .docx format supported.


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