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restQL-http is a server to run restQL queries, making easy to fetch information from multiple services in the most efficient manner

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Getting Started

Running restQL HTTP

restQL server allows you to post ad-hoc queries and to reference resources pre-configured in the server startup.

  1. Make sure you have Java 11 or superior installed,
  2. Download the latest release in the release page,
  3. Unzip the package,
  4. Configure resource mappings,
  5. Run bin/

Post to http://your-server.ip:9000/run-query the body below and content-type text/plain:

curl -H "Content-Type: text/plain" localhost:9000/run-query -d "from planets as allPlanets" 

For a more complex example follow this tutorial. Alternatively you can use our official docker image.

Our query language

The clause order matters when making restQL queries. The following is a full reference to the query syntax, available clauses and order.

[ [ use modifier = value ] ]

METHOD resource-name [as some-alias] [in some-resource]
  [ headers HEADERS ]
  [ timeout INTEGER_VALUE ]
  [ with WITH_CLAUSES ]
  [ [only FILTERS] OR [hidden] ]
  [ [ignore-errors] ]


from search
        role = "hero"

from hero as heroList
        name =

Learn more about restQL query language


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To Do

  • Create endpoints for creating and updating queries and resources (#178)
  • Implement a soft cache reset when resources are created or updated (#179)
  • Unify cache locations in restQL-http (#180)


Copyright © 2016-2019 B2W Digital

Distributed under the MIT License.

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