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This is an example rails app that uses resque scheduler to manage delayed, recurring and scheduled jobs.

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Rails Resque Scheduler Example

This is an example rails app that shows how to use resque + resque scheduler to run delayed jobs and scheduled jobs.

Getting Started

Dependencies: Resque requires redis to run. Our initializer assumes redis is running locally. If you have another redis server running elsewhere, change it in /config/initializers/resque.rb.

Start the rails server and resque admin: $ rails s

Start the scheduler: $ rake resque:scheduler

  • Every 30 seconds you should see a new job get added to the queue
    • 2012-02-17 16:19:59 queueing MyJob (do_my_job)

Start the worker: $ rake resque:work

  • Every 30 seconds you should see the output of the perform method in the MyJob class
    • Doing my job

What's Inside?

Required Gems

gem 'resque' # background jobs
gem 'resque-scheduler' # job scheduling

Home for your job classes: /app/jobs/

# Example: /app/jobs/myjob.rb

module MyJob
  @queue = :my_job_queue
  def self.perform()
    # Do anything here, like access models, etc
    puts "Doing my job"

Job Schedule

Define job schedules in /config/resque_schedule.yml:

  every: 30s
  class: MyJob
  description: Runs the perform method in MyJob

For ways to define delayed jobs and different schedules, check here.


/config/initializers/resque.rb: configures redis, link jobs folder and reads the schedule at /config/resque_schedule.yml.

Rake tasks

Make the resque tasks available to rake and set default environment variables.

Rakefile: require 'resque/tasks'

Set the default queue environment variable: /lib/tasks/resque.rake:

require 'resque/tasks'
require 'resque_scheduler/tasks'

task "resque:setup" => :environment do
  ENV['QUEUE'] = '*'

Resque admin

This code in / will run the resque admin site when you start the normal rails server:

run \
  "/"       => ResqueScheduler::Application,
  "/resque" =>
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