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Lightweight infrastructure to handle multiple rmarkdown reports


1 year ago
  • list_deps() now only checks the report_sources and scripts folders for package dependencies.
  • list_deps() no longer uses the checkpoint package so the dependency has been dropped.


1 year ago

patch release to fix fixed list_deps(), which was broken due to changes in the upstream checkpoint package.


2 years ago
  • Option added to create an RStudio project file whilst creating a new factory.
  • list_reports() now looks for both extension .Rmd and .rmd.
  • Added parameter to compile_reports() to allow case insensitive report matching.


2 years ago

Bug fixes

  • Fixes (#74) where files generated within the Rmd were not being copied over to the output folder.

Breaking changes

  • Following user feedback compile_reports() now takes reports as a first argument and factory as the second (previously these were the other way round).


2 years ago
  • Implements slighlty less strict folder validation.
  • Fix for CRAN. One additional test skipped on macs.


2 years ago
  • Minor release adding pandoc system requirement and fixing some tests on Solaris.


2 years ago
  • Initial CRAN release


2 years ago

This version of the package is compatible with data pipelines set up for Ebola in Eastern DRC, or COVID-19 in CMMID / LSHTM. It uses dated reports and provides an implementation of compilation logs, with some shipping capacity.


4 years ago

First functional and tested version!