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Total Registry - enhanced Registry editor/viewer


3 weeks ago

Load settings from an INI file if one exists in the directory of the executable (regardless of the drive's type).


2 months ago

Minor release with some bug fixes and tweaks


6 months ago

Find All dialog is now modeless and does not close when double-clicking an entry. Save/Load results implemented.


7 months ago

Renamed tool to Total Registry to prevent collision with an existing tool.


1 year ago

Added a quick filter (Ctrl+Q) that filters the current list Minor bug fixes.


1 year ago

Bug fixes Use a driver if running elevated.


1 year ago

View all key handles in the system (Tools menu) Improved dark mode Bug fixes Windows 7 rendering fixes


1 year ago

Portable mode - save state to local INI file if launched from a removable media instead of the Registry Export to REG file format (same as RegEdit) - Import not implemented yet More flexible locations (location editing not implemented yet) bug fixes and minor enhancements


1 year ago

better dark mode support bug fixes


1 year ago

import/export single instance option replace regedit option "lightweight" dark mode load/unload hives support cut autocompletion in goto key address bar (key) (Alt+D) bug fixes