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RECONMTL-2017, SGX programming: common mistakes presentation and supporting materials

What's this ?

This is a training target for hacking SGX enclaves, named "damn vulnerable SGX enclave" according to the old good tradition of naming such a things in such a way. It is presented first time @Recon 2017 conference in Montreal, Canada.

What is inside ?

  1. The presentation itself in docs folder
  2. Visual Studio 2015 community edition solution ( @reconmtl2017dvse ) with supporting code which includes 4 projects and 1 used library:
    1. DVSE - Damn vulnerable SGX enclave itself (which is obviously damn vulnerable, I made a lot of efforts to achieve this)
    2. SecureServer - simple SSL python server for it. It includes self-signed certificate for the server and private keys, some (AFAIK) public domain cartoons as media examples and configuration files.
    3. videogui - reference QT5 based UI for viewing the sealed movies. Note: The QT5 package is licensed under GNU lesser general public license v3.
    4. EnclaveTest - Template utility for exploiting the enclave, which contains exploit of data disclosure.
    5. SGX SSL - Intels library that implements usage of OpenSSL inside of enclave (originally downloaded from here). It resides here only for reference to the specific version I worked with because I wasn't able to find it on github. Please note that this product contains OpenSSL which has its own copiright requirements.

      Note: This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

What kind of vulnerabilities are there ?

Specific to SGX enclaves usage. See the presentation for more details.

How to use it ?

  1. Check that you're using the right hardware (see the presentation for more details, make sure that you are using the right processor and SGX is enabled by the BIOS)
  2. Install Intel SGX SDK, Intel SGX PSW(platform software) and QT5 (I installed QT5 @c:\Qt, probably some pathes in the solution will lead there).
  3. Compile the solution in Debug x64 or Prerelease x64 configuration
  4. Run the server. ( I run it as {your folder}\RECONMTL-2017\secureServer\secureServer>python .\ .\media 9876 .\certs)
  5. Run the videogui, the setup dialog will appear.
  6. Enter server properties (IP of the machine and the port, the port mentioned in previous command is 9876 and ip is if you are running it on the local machine)
  7. Create a folder for the local encrypted media library, enter it to the corresponding edit box and press a button "Choose a folder and init user"
  8. Press open button. Doubleclick on the cartoon you want to watch (there is one for free)
  9. If you are able to deduce the value of so called coupon, you can use it, it will increase amount of coins you have (See balance on the setup dialog). If you got this coupon, open the setup dialog (Menu, Library-->connect and setup), paste it into the corresponfing edit box and press apply. Each coupon will add 25 coins, viewing payed cartoon requires 50. There are 5 coupons, (starting with DVSE_CPN_) and these coupons shouldn't be used twice according to the initial intention (feel free to use these coupons more then once if you can find out how to do it).

Use, hack, enjoy.

Where to get all these components ?

  1. SGX SDK & PSW, registration required
  2. QT5, choose the license wisely

What are the rules ?

  1. The main goal is to write an application which will unseal(decrypt) the movies sealed with the SGX enclave or extract its other secrets. There are at least 5 different ways to do that.
  2. You can use EnclaveTest project as a template for that.

Something doesn't work or I found a bug in your code !

  1. Open an issue if something of the described isn't working. That's quite possible.
  2. Some of the mistakes were inserted intentionally. In this case I'll send you a message and remove the issue.

Important note on contributing

DVSE and its usage examples had been developed with limited knowledge of QT5, SSL and English language :). Feel free to contribute and enhance this project. Feel free to add SGX related vulnerabilities if you think that they are really widespread.

What about license ?

Free for personal use, unless it contradicts to licenses of the used components (in this case these licenses are more important).

Please let me know about your progress.

You can find my e-mail in the presentation in the docs folder.

Windows Exploits published (10.9.2017)

See the walkthrough document ( docx, md )in documents folder and EnclaveTest folder for more details.

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