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Sampling based rewiring approaches to solve motion planning problems for a robot with dynamic obstacles

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Sampling based rewiring approaches to solve real-time path planning problems for a holonomic robot under the presence of dynamic obstacles

Final Simulation Result

Installation Instructions

The exisiting codebase has a dependency on OpenFrameworks - an open source C++ toolkit for GUI and experimentation. The current implementation works well with VS2015. Make sure you install VS2015 and install OpenFrameworks plugin for Visual Studio by following the steps documented here. Once installed, follow these further steps -

  1. Download the OpenFrameworks binaries for windows from here
  2. Create a OpenFrameworks based project in Visual Studio. Point to the path where OpenFrameworks was installed in step 1. Make sure you tick 'ofxGUI' addon while creating the project
  3. Clone this repository and copy the code in the src. Add these items using 'Add Existing Item' option in Visual Studio
  4. Build the Solution.
  5. Run the ofApp.cpp application

Live Demonstration

The demonstration is available at this YouTube link

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