Realsense Processing Versions Save

Intel RealSense 2 support for the Processing framework.


8 months ago

Apple Silicon Pre-Release Test Binaries


8 months ago

Prebuilt realsense-processing libs version 2.4.3.

This adds support for pixel to point projection.

Full Changelog:


1 year ago

This release adds filter setting support and updating the native library to 2.44.0.


2 years ago

This release adds new camera device support by updating the native library to 2.40.0.

  • D455 and D515 cameras are now supported as well.
  • Pose frames are now supported for the T camera series.
  • It also adds a new fix to avoid reading depth data from the wrong memory address #33 .
  • And linux-arm binaries for hf and x64 are now included!


2 years ago

This release adds the support for sensor options.


3 years ago

This release adds support for error messages by the RealSense framework in processing.


3 years ago

This release fixes the temporal and decimation filter.


3 years ago

It is now possible to load and get JSON configurations while the pipeline is running. The device and advanced device getters do not return the first device anymore, but the actual running device.


3 years ago

First release of version 2.0 which adds a ton of new features, but breaks with the 1.x API.


4 years ago

This release adds tested and prebuilt windows and unix binaries to the build. Only x64 architecture is currently supported.

Based on v2.17.0.2