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Thank you for stopping by. This project was created to help developers simplify the process of making a descriptive and engaging description for their GitHub profiles.

Since I like more minimalistic and simple visuals, I went with a pretty simple markup that allows adding the essentials. More functions might be coming later.

If you would like me to add more social media, or skills, or share the description you ended up with, please reach out on Twitter. I'll be happy to chat.

How to use it

Fill the form on the website, preview the results, copy and paste the snippet. That's it!

How to add the snippet to your GitHub profile

  1. Generate the snippet.
  2. Create a new repository with the exact name as your profile on Github.
  3. Create a file, paste the snippet here.
  4. Push it to the GitHub. Voila!

If you already have a as you profile description, just update it.

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