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A "when size matters" adaptation of the react-universally boilerplate.

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I am no longer managing this repo. I am instead looking to integrate a branch on the main repo.

Beware. This repo is out of date.

React, Universally - Skinny

A "when size matters" adaptation of the react-universally starter kit.



This is an alternative version of react-universally (a starter kit that contains all the build tooling and configuration you need to kick off your next universal react project, whilst containing a minimal "project" set up allowing you to make your own architecture decisions). Please reference the react-universally documentation for the features contained within this starter kit.

This adaptation of the starter kit attempts to provide you with as small as a client bundle size as possible whilst maintaining the equivalent features/functionality. It does so by making use of the amazing preact and preact-compat libraries.

Take a look at the differences in bundle size output...


Chunk Name Size (GZipped)
index.js 72.9 KB


Chunk Name Size (GZipped)
index.js 37.4 KB

BOOM, 48% size savings!

Of course these don't come without a cost. As we are using preact we have had to drop react-hot-loader and instead replace it with a native implementation of webpack HMR feature. You still have hot reloading, it's not as powerful, but it's probably good enough.


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