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Code snapshots and materials for our "React - The Complete Guide" course (

Project README

Course Code & Materials

This repository contains the course source code and other extra materials like slides.

How to use

The code snapshots are organized in multiple branches where every branch represents a course section.

For example, the branch 01-getting-started holds all code snapshots and extra materials for section 1 of the course ("Getting Started").

You can switch branches via the branch dropdown above the directory explorer.

Click on the branch dropdown and then select the appropriate branch for the course section you're looking for

In most branches, you'll find multiple folders which organize the section-specific content further:

  • Often, you'll find a /code subfolder which contains any relevent code snapshots for the given course section
  • You also often find /slides folders which - guess what - contain the slides for the module
  • /extra-files typically contains extra files like .css files that might be attached to individual lectures in that course module

The folder names should generally be self-explanatory but also feel free to simply click around and see which materials are available.

Using code snapshots

Code snapshots (which you find in /code) are there for you to compare your code to mine and find + fix errors you might have in your code.

You can either view my code directly here on Github (you can open + view code files without issues here) or you download the snapshots.

The subfolders in the /code folder are named such that mapping them to the course lectures is straightforward.

Downloading code snapshots

You can download all the content of a branch via the "Code" button here on Github. You can then either clone the repository or simply download the selected branch content as a ZIP file.

Important: You always download the entire branch content!

You can then dive into the interesting folders (e.g. the individual code snapshots) locally on your hard drive.

Running the attached code

You can use the attached code simply to compare it to yours. But you can also run it.

To run my code, navigate into a specific code snapshot folder via the cd command in your command prompt or terminal first.

Then run npm install to install all required dependencies (this will create a /node_modules folder).

Important: If you're using the code for a module that requires API keys or a backend (e.g. the module about sending Http requests), you'll have to use your backend URLs or API keys. Mine won't work (I disabled my projects).

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