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RapidCMS is a Blazor framework which allows you to build a responsive and flexible CMS purely from code. It provides a basic set of editors and controls, and is fully customisable.

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RapidCMS is a Blazor framework that allows you to build a CMS purely from code. It provides a comprehensive set of editors and controls, next to allowing you to add your own razor components for custom editors, buttons, labels, complete sections and pages, and dashboard sections. By running as an element within your ASP.NET Core application, you have full control over the DI container, repositories, authentication, authorization and additional features like Api controllers, Mvc controllers, and Razor pages.

You can choose to provide your own repositories for data access by deriving from BaseRepository which do not have a strong preference for a type of database, so hooking up an EF Core database context is just as easy as hooking up a Azure Table Storage client, or MongoDb database.

It is also possible to employ the Model Maker plugin for RapidCMS, which is a C# source generator that allows you to design and generate a RapidCMS setup right inside RapidCMS. Model Maker currently generates an EF Core application, complete with DbContext, entity configuration, validation and repositories. Just provide a connection string and create migrations after using Model Maker, and you are up and running.

You either run RapidCMS as a Blazor Server-side application, or as a Blazor WebAssembly application directly in the browser. Using the Api companion you can run your repositories on a separate web server, or an Azure Function app, or choose to run the repositories directly in the browser.


A demo of the WebAssembly variant of the CMS (running version 4.3.x) can be found here: https://rapidcms.z6.web.core.windows.net/. This uses a repository that saves its data to the local storage of the browser. .NET 5.0 WebAssembly tends to load slowly the first time but that will be fixed when .NET 6.0 is released.

How to setup RapidCMS

Since RapidCMS can be used in various ways, please pick a deployment mode. And remember, switching deployment modes with RapidCMS is easy.


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