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Self-hosted torrent video streaming service compatible with Chromecast, AppleTV & Kodi deployable in the cloud

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Rapid bay is a self hosted video service/torrent client that makes playing videos from torrents as easy as:

  1. Opening the webapp on a phone/laptop/tablet/smartTV.
  2. Searching for content.
  3. Selecting desired video file.
  4. Waiting for Download/Conversion.
  5. Playing on the device or cast to AppleTV/Chromecast


  • Uses Jackett as a search backend.
  • Pick individual video files you want to play and the system takes care of the rest to make it streamable.
  • Automatic download of Closed Captions/Subtitles
  • Automatically converts the video file and subtitles to be playable on all browsers/chromecast/appletv
  • Automatically converts audio that is unsupported by browsers to AAC
  • Allows registering as a handler for any magnet link
  • Automatically cleans up disk space so you don't need to manage it yourself
  • Kodi support


Setting up Jackett as a search backend:

Rapidbay requires the torrent indexer Jackett for searching. Have a look here on how to set it up using Docker.

There's also a docker-compose example file to show how you can connect rapidbay and jackett together.


Requires Docker

docker run -p 5000:5000 -e JACKETT_HOST="http://your.jacket.host" -e JACKETT_API_KEY="YourAPIKey" hauxir/rapidbay

App will be running at http://localhost:5000

Configuring which subtitles to download:

The default setting downloads english subtitles.

Add the env variable SUBTITLE_LANGUAGES to your docker params like so to get more languages:

-e SUBTITLE_LANGUAGES="['en', 'de', 'es']"

Require a password:

Add the env variable PASSWORD to your docker params like so to prompt for a password when opening rapidbay:

  • Go to https://<RAPIDBAY_HOST>/registerHandler and it should prompt you to register your running RapidBay instance as a default handler for torrent links on any torrent site!
  • You can also copy/paste a magnet link directly into the search bar to open magnet links manually.


Requires Docker + docker-compose

docker-compose up

Running RapidBay on a VPS

Setting RapidBay up on a VPS and tunnel torrent traffic through NordVPN

Using Kodi as a frontend

Setting up Rapidbay with Kodi

Using Real Debrid caching

  • You can speed up downloads by using the torrent cache at real debrid
  • To do that set the env variables RD_DEVICE_CODE, RD_CLIENT_ID and RD_CLIENT_SECRET
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