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A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.

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RandomPatches (Fabric)

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A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft. RandomPatches does not require Fabric API!

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When reporting issues or suggesting enhancements, please use the GitHub issue tracker, and make sure you are on the latest version of the mod for your Minecraft version—it's easier to keep track of things this way. Avoid commenting them on the CurseForge project page or sending them to me in a direct message. Thank you!

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RandomPatches aims to be a highly configurable collection of bug fixes and quality of life improvements for Minecraft, and additionally to allow several hardcoded settings to be configured.

When installed on a client, RandomPatches should be completely compatible with servers without the mod, and when installed on a server, it should be completely compatible with clients without the mod. As a result, clients can connect to a server with a different version of the mod to the one on the server. Furthermore, RandomPatches contains no features that require the mod to be installed both on the client and the server.

By default, RandomPatches aims to be as non-invasive as possible—there are no breaking changes to game mechanics or conspicuous GUI additions. Indeed, with the default settings, the mod should be virtually unnoticeable when one is not specifically looking for it. In addition, RandomPatches should automatically disable any of its features that are implemented by another mod in order to preserve compatibility wherever possible.

How is RandomPatches different from RandomTweaks?

RandomPatches aims to not add or significantly modify any game mechanics. For instance, auto-third person is a new minor game mechanic, so it belongs in RandomTweaks. The distinction is blurrier for certain features—in these instances, features that require mixins in the Forge version, such as removing the glowing effect from potions, and bug fixes, such as the cauldron translucency fix, are put in RandomPatches.


Features without a specified side are server-sided.

Connection timeouts

In vanilla Minecraft, the connection timeouts are hardcoded, and often not long enough for slower computers or heavier modded instances. To counter this, RandomPatches allows several connection timeouts to be configured:

  • The connection read timeout
    • Both client and server-sided
    • Raised to 120 seconds from the vanilla value of 30 seconds by default
  • The login timeout
    • How long the server waits for a player to log in
    • Raised to 2400 ticks (120 seconds) from the vanilla value of 600 ticks (30 seconds) by default
  • The KeepAlive timeout
    • How long the server waits for a player to return a KeepAlive packet before disconnecting them
    • Raised to 120 seconds from the vanilla value of 30 seconds by default

In addition, RandomPatches allows the interval at which KeepAlive packets are sent to clients to be configured, although it is recommended that this be left at the vanilla value of 15 seconds.

Packet size limits

RandomPatches allows several packet size limits to be configured, which by default are raised from the vanilla limits:

  • Maximum compressed packet size
    • This option is both client and server-sided.
    • Setting this to a higher value than the vanilla limit can fix MC-185901, which may cause players to be disconnected.
  • Maximum NBT compound tag packet size
    • This option is both client and server-sided.
    • Setting this to a higher value than the vanilla limit may prevent players from being disconnected.
  • Maximum client custom payload packet size
    • Setting this to a higher value than the vanilla limit may prevent the client from being disconnected.

This feature makes XL Packets redundant, but the maximum compressed packet size and maximum NBT compound tag packet size cannot be configured when XL Packets is installed.

This feature is made redundant by Krypton, a network optimization mod. Check it out if you want!

Player speed limits

In vanilla Minecraft, the player speed limits are hardcoded, and set to values that are often not high enough in certain cases. As a result, rubber banding occurs, and [Player] moved too quickly! is spammed in the log. To prevent this, RandomPatches changes the following player speed limits to a higher value by default:

  • Default maximum player speed
  • Maximum player elytra speed
  • Maximum player vehicle speed

This fixes MC-90062.

Boat options

The following options related to boats can be modified:

  • Boat buoyancy under flowing water
    • In vanilla Minecraft, this is set to a negative value, causing it to be impossible for boats to flow up when they move up into a higher block of water.
    • This problem is reported as MC-91206, and has been marked as "Works As Intended".
    • By default, RandomPatches sets this to a positive value to counteract this.
  • Underwater boat passenger delay
    • This is how long it takes for a boat passenger to be ejected when underwater.
    • This can be set to -1 to disable underwater boat passenger ejection.

Disable DataFixerUpper

This disables the execution of DataFixerUpper, reducing RAM usage and decreasing the Minecraft loading time. However, this feature is disabled by default, and enabling it is not recommended, as DataFixerUpper is responsible for the backwards compatibility of worlds. Even so, if you insist on disabling DataFixerUpper:

  • Ensure you have used the Optimize feature on any worlds from previous versions of Minecraft before enabling this feature.
  • Before migrating worlds to new versions of Minecraft, ensure this feature is disabled, and use the Optimize feature again before re-enabling it.
  • Take regular backups of your worlds.

Although worlds last played on an older or newer version of Minecraft theoretically cannot be loaded when DataFixerUpper is disabled by RandomPatches, it's better to be safe than sorry.

To be clear, RandomPatches is not responsible for any damage caused by this feature.

Fix MC-2025

Because of floating point precision errors, the bounding box of an entity can be calculated as smaller than the expected value. When the entity is saved then reloaded, the bounding box may be recomputed such that it intersects a wall. To counter this, RandomPatches stores the bounding box when an entity is saved, then makes it use the same bounding box when it is loaded.

For more information, see this Reddit post from which this fix comes from.

Fix animal breeding hearts

RandomPatches fixes animals which can breed only showing hearts once instead of continuously. Thanks to Fuzs_ for finding this fix!

This bug is reported as MC-93826.

Fix duplicate entity UUIDs

RandomPatches fixes duplicate entity UUIDs and the resulting log spam by assigning new UUIDs to the affected entities. This fix was found by CAS_ual_TY.

This bug is reported as MC-95649.

Fix recipe book not moving ingredients with tags

In vanilla Minecraft, the recipe book does not automatically transfer ingredients with NBT tags to the crafting grid. RandomPatches fixes this issue.

This bug is reported as MC-129057.

This feature is disabled if Nbt Crafting is installed.

Fix entities not being considered wet in cauldrons

In vanilla Minecraft, entities are not considered wet in cauldrons filled with water. RandomPatches fixes this issue, allowing players to use Riptide in cauldrons filled with water, fixing MC-145311. In addition, this fix allows players to receive the Conduit Power effect in cauldrons filled with water.

It should be noted that the MC-145311 fix works client-side only. Please be mindful of server rules when using this feature.

Fix mobs not crossing rails

In vanilla Minecraft, mobs are unable to cross rails. RandomPatches fixes this issue.

This bug is reported as MC-33359, and has been marked as "Works as Intended".

Fix boat fall damage

In vanilla Minecraft, boats and players in boats do not take fall damage. RandomPatches fixes this issue.

This bug is reported as both MC-98160 and MC-105103.

Fix player head stacking

In vanilla Minecraft, player heads from the same player sometimes do not stack. RandomPatches fixes this issue by forcing Minecraft to treat two player heads as equal if they are from the same player, and by default, if they have the same texture URL.

This bug is reported as MC-100044.

Fix water in cauldrons rendering as opaque (client-sided)

In vanilla Minecraft, water in cauldrons renders as opaque. RandomPatches fixes this issue by making them render as translucent as intended.

Without RandomPatches:

Water in cauldron without RandomPatches

With RandomPatches:

Water in cauldron with RandomPatches

This bug is reported as MC-13187.

Fix end portals only rendering from above (client-sided)

In vanilla Minecraft, end portals only render from above. RandomPatches fixes this issue.

Without RandomPatches:

End portal rendering without RandomPatches

With RandomPatches:

End portal rendering with RandomPatches

This bug is reported as MC-3366.

Fix villager robe textures (client-sided)

In vanilla Minecraft, only 18 out of 20 rows of pixels show of villager robe textures. This issue also affects witches. RandomPatches fixes this issue.

Without RandomPatches:

Villager robe textures without RandomPatches

With RandomPatches:

Villager robe textures with RandomPatches

This bug is reported as MC-53312.

Fix invisible player model (client-sided)

In certain instances in vanilla Minecraft, the player model sometimes disappears. This is most noticeable when flying with elytra in a straight line in third-person mode:

Invisible player model bug

RandomPatches fixes this issue. Again, thanks to Fuzs_ for finding this fix!

Key bindings (client-sided)

RandomPatches makes the narrator toggle key binding configurable in the controls screen, fixing MC-122645. If Amecs is installed, this key binding is set to Control + b by default, which is the vanilla default. Otherwise, it is unbound by default.

In addition, RandomPatches makes the following key bindings configurable, largely fixing MC-147718:

  • Pause
    • This is only for pausing and unpausing the game; the Escape key is still used to close GUI screens.
  • Toggle GUI
  • Toggle Debug Info
  • The F3 key is still used for F3 actions.

Furthermore, RandomPatches adds a second configurable key binding for sprinting, which allows the double-tap sprint functionality to be disabled, fixing MC-203401. Moreover, RandomPatches allows double-tap sprinting while flying, fixing MC-68453.

Additionally, RandomPatches adds a dismount key binding, which allows the dismount key to be different from the sneak key.

Window title and icon (client-sided)

By default, RandomPatches removes the annoying * in the Minecraft window title that indicates that the game is modded. In addition, the following window properties can be configured:

  • Title
    • Several variables are provided:
      • ${mcversion}: Minecraft version
      • ${activity}: Current activity (not available in the normal title)
      • ${username}: Username
      • ${modsloaded}: Number of mods loaded
      • ${modversion:modid}: Version of the mod with the specified ID
    • '$' can be escaped by using an extra '$'.
  • 16x16 icon
  • 32x32 icon
  • 256x256 icon (only takes effect on Mac OS X)

Optimize bamboo rendering (client-sided)

RandomPatches optimizes bamboo rendering. This works by overriding the method that returns the ambient occlusion light value for the bamboo block, which runs some expensive logic, but always returns 1.0F.

Thanks to darkevilmac for finding this fix!

Remove glowing effect from potions (client-sided)

By default, RandomPatches removes the glowing effect from potions, making potion colors more visible.

Without RandomPatches:

Potions without RandomPatches

With RandomPatches:

Potions with RandomPatches

Remove glowing effect from enchanted books (client-sided)

RandomPatches can remove the glowing effect from enchanted books. This feature is disabled by default.

Without RandomPatches:

Enchanted books without RandomPatches

With RandomPatches:

Enchanted books with RandomPatches

Disable experimental settings warning (client-sided)

By default, RandomPatches disables the warning that displays when loading a world that uses experimental settings:

Experimental settings warning

Framerate limit slider step size (client-sided)

In vanilla Minecraft, the framerate limit slider step size is 10.0. RandomPatches changes this to 1.0 by default.

This does not work when OptiFine is installed.

Return to main menu after disconnect (client-sided)

This feature makes Minecraft return to the main menu screen after disconnecting rather than the Realms or multiplayer screen.


The RandomPatches configuration can be found at config/randompatches.toml.

  • All properties and categories should be well-commented such that there is little need for further explanation.
  • All configuration values should be automatically validated and reset if they are invalid.
  • A configuration GUI can be accessed from Mod Menu.
  • In case of unaddressed compatibility issues, individual mixins can be disabled through the mixin blacklist.
    • Most mixins are not automatically disabled when the features that depend on them are.
    • This is done to allow features to be enabled or disabled in-game without the need for restarts.
    • A list of these mixins can be found in the comments for the mixin blacklist.
    • Please report an issue if you need to use the mixin blacklist to resolve a conflict.
  • The configuration can be reloaded from disk in-game through the use of a command (/rpconfigreload by default).
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