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           RainCMS alpha 1.0
   If you can read this you have 20/20

Rain is a tool to create awesome website and to manage them simply with a blink of an eye!

Rain Alpha 1.0 has been just released, so please report any issue and be patient, in the next few days we'll publish the App Store, so you'll be able to download and install more modules and themes.


  1. clone Rain in your https://github.com/rainphp/RainCMS.gitm/rainphp/RainCMS.git

  2. create a database rain and import in it the file raincms.sql

  3. edit the file config/db.php with the right database account information


access http://localhost/RainCMS to navigate the website.

Administration: http://localhost/RainCMS/admin login [email protected] pw demo


Rain cache the HTML, CSS and JS so in order to see any changes on templates or CSS or JS, you have to be logged as administrator, or even better delete all the cache files with this command: rm -r cache/html/* public/cache/* cache/website/* cache/views/*


Take a good Beer or a Coke, some chips and have fun playing with it!

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