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Java Virtual Machine implementation in Python

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JVM implementation in Python

python-jvm-interpreter is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine in Python. It works by parsing and interpreting the Java Class files.


In order to compile Java code to Java Bytecode, you will need to have javac. If you just want to run bytecode that is already compiled, all you need is a Python interpreter.

Running the tests

The project comes with a number of unit tests. If you run the shell script, it will compile the Java files in the example directory and run the unit tests. You will be able to see how many test passed and how many failed.

Even if you haven't touched anything critical, it is always a good idea to run the unit tests after each change. This will make sure that nothing breaks, and if it does you will immediately know why it broke.

As more functionality is implemented, the amount of test cases should be increased in order to make it easier to check if anything is broken.

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