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Easy to use Linux to Windows cross compile script.

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Linux to Windows x64 cross-compile helper script

This script automatically builds toolchain and target library/program without much user interaction.

See ./ list -p and ./ list -d for a full list of packages.

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  • If you have issues with any of the generated binaries, e.g mpv-player or ffmpeg, please report those issues here, not on their tracker.


Clone the repository:

git clone ""
chmod u+x python_cross_compile_script/


Simple usage: ./ -p <product> (e.g mpv)

For more see: ./ --help

System requirements:

  • Python 3.6+
    • Required python packages: requests, progressbar2
  • GNU/Linux (Tested on ArchLinux & Ubuntu 17+)
  • 20+GB is recommended, but sizes vary depending on the packages
  • Resulting binaries support Win7 and newer, 64bit only

Package requirements (no auto-check yet)

Packages required, tested on:

(This list is possibly incomplete and differs from OS to OS)

global      - texinfo yasm git make automake gcc gcc-c++ pax cvs svn flex bison patch libtoolize nasm hg ninja cmake gettext-autopoint
mkvtoolnix  - libxslt docbook-util rake docbook-style-xsl
gnutls      - gperf
angle       - gyp
vapoursynth - p7zip
flac,expat  - docbook-to-man / docbook2x
youtube-dl  - pando
x264        - nasm 2.13

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