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Unofficial python wrapper to the nanoflann k-d tree

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Unofficial python wrapper to the nanoflann library [1] with sklearn interface and additional multithreaded capabilities.

nanoflann implementation of k-d tree provides one of the best performance for many k-nearest neighbour problems [2].

It is a good choice for exact k-NN, radius searches in low dimensional spaces.


pip install git+[email protected]

Basic Usage

import numpy as np
import pynanoflann

index = np.random.uniform(0, 100, (100, 4))
queries = np.random.uniform(0, 100, (10, 4))

nn = pynanoflann.KDTree(n_neighbors=5, metric='L1', radius=100)

# Get k-nearest neighbors
distances, indices = nn.kneighbors(queries)

# Radius search
distances, indices = nn.radius_neighbors(queries)

Save, load

If you need to save the model, there are two options:

  1. Save only the built index. In this case, data points are NOT stored in file. Very efficient, but inconvenient in some cases.

prebuilt_kdtree = pynanoflann.KDTree()
# Must use the same data on which the index was built., 'index.bin')

Please refer to the detailed example

  1. Pickle the whole model with data points. Less efficient, but convenient.
with open('kdtree.pkl', 'wb') as out_file:
    pickle.dump(kdtree, out_file)
with open('kdtree.pkl', 'rb') as in_file:
    unpickled_kdtree = pickle.load(in_file)

Please refer to the detailed example

Multicore parallelization

Implemented on C++ side to reduce python's multiprocessing overhead.


Generally it much faster than brute force or cython implementation of k-d tree in sklearn

To run benchmark:



  1. Blanco, Jose Luis and Rai, Pranjal Kumar, 2014, nanoflann: a C++ header-only fork of FLANN, a library for Nearest Neighbor ({NN}) with KD-trees.
  2. Vermeulen, J.L., Hillebrand, A. and Geraerts, R., 2017. A comparative study of k‐nearest neighbour techniques in crowd simulation.
  3. OpenFLANN Performance comparison between PCL, nanoflann, picoflann
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