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Welcome to Pymoe, the only python lib you'll ever need if you need anime/manga on the python platform.

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Welcome to PyMoe. PyMoe is a general purpose Python library that wraps APIs for several large websites that offer information about Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Web Novels. Currently six different APIs are supported with plans for more in the future (Especially looking at MangaDex integration).

You can find the documentation for this on Github Pages.


If you are looking to install version 2 with the unified api:

python -m pip install pymoe

If you are looking for version 1.0.6, the version prior to the unified api update:

python -m pip install pymoe==1.0.6

You can also git clone this branch and install it that way:

git clone .
python -m pip install -e .

Note that this project does not include a This project uses flit, a modern build system. You will have to use a recent version of setuptools and pip that has support for pyproject.toml with a specified build pipeline.

Assuming you have flit, you can also do:

git clone .
flit install

Simplified Changelong

1.0.0: This brings us to 1.0. A stable release for Pymoe. It supports the majority of my end goal websites and it has some good interfaces. This is a breaking change, thus the major bump. I cannot stress enough that you should not update unless you have taken the time to read through and note the differences. There are several.

1.0.4: This fixes anilist. If you don't have this, anilist won't work.

1.0.6: Some additions by starry69 to add streaming links on kitsu and to make VNDB filters a little easier to use.

2.0: Second major release of Pymoe. This will be a breaking change. The API is going to be unified. Instead of one interface for each service, the interfaces have been reduced down to categories. Note that document below represents a work in progress state.

2.2: A major upgrade to existing code. Refactored the code to be more thin and better organized. Switched to the Poetry build engine. Switched to for task running. Switched to mkdocs and github pages for documentation. Added MangaUpdates and WLNUpdates as data sources.

Supported Services per category


  • Kitsu
  • Anilist
  • MyAnimeList


  • Kitsu
  • Anilist
  • MangaUpdates

Visual Novels (VN)

  • None

Light Novels (LN)

  • Bakatsuki
  • WLNUpdates

A few Examples

import pymoe"Dragon")"Sakura Haruno")

# Specifically kitsu"Dragon")

# specifically anilist"Dragon")

# specifically myanimelist"Dragon")
import pymoe

Further examples are available in the documentation.

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