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PyLimitBook is an implementation of a fast limit-order book for level-2 US equities data written in Python. It includes some tools to output sampled data as well as a curses-based application to view the book and move forward or backward in time.

Input files must be for a single day, symbol, and exchange.

This code is aimed at other developers looking for a limit-book implementation to include in their own trading projects.


sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo python install

You should then be able to run the applications in the bin directory.

Input Data Format

PyLimitBook applications expect the following input format (in a CSV file):

  • bids:


  • asks:


  • trades: (optional)


Symbol and exchange values are currently unimportant and can be dummy values. Lines should be in timestamp-order from earliest to latest (the order it is sent by the exchange).

Application Descriptions

  • - Simple illustration of using the limit book
  • - Parse an input file and export 1-second snapshots of the book (Uses pandas library to fill in gaps, etc)
  • - Convert from an input format that uses ', ' as a CSV separator and different column order to the correct input format.
  • - Graphically view the book state at any point in time

BookViewer Screenshot

Known Issues

  • There are some resizing issues when using in a (uselessly) small terminal.
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