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A fork of pyHook from Peter Parente (

Works with Python 3.x


If you want to build PyHook3 from source code, then you additionally need

Known bugs

  • PyInstaller can't build single-file executables using pyHook. This may be fixed in 1.5.1, but hasn't been tested.
  • PyHook3 is reported to break dead keys on non-US-english keyboards.
  • WM_CHAR messages are not intercepted by pyHook, even if SubscribeKeyChar() or SubscribeKeyAll() are used to set the callback function.


  • PyHook3 will not work on Win9x (no messages show up) as it uses hooks which are not present in Windows systems prior to NT 4.0 SP3.


Visit for binaries, documentation, and tutorials.

Bug reports and feature requests should be reported via the github page at

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