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ProxyBroker is an open source tool that asynchronously finds public proxies from multiple sources and concurrently checks them.

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  • Finds more than 7000 working proxies from ~50 sources.
  • Support protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS4/5. Also CONNECT method to ports 80 and 23 (SMTP).
  • Proxies may be filtered by type, anonymity level, response time, country and status in DNSBL.
  • Work as a proxy server that distributes incoming requests to external proxies. With automatic proxy rotation.
  • All proxies are checked to support Cookies and Referer (and POST requests if required).
  • Automatically removes duplicate proxies.
  • Is asynchronous.

.. * Save found proxies to a file in custom format.


  • Python 3.5 or higher
  • aiohttp <>_
  • aiodns <>_
  • maxminddb <>_


To install last stable release from pypi:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install proxybroker

The latest development version can be installed directly from GitHub:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install -U git+


CLI Examples


Find and show 10 HTTP(S) proxies from United States with the high level of anonymity:

.. code-block:: bash

    $ proxybroker find --types HTTP HTTPS --lvl High --countries US --strict -l 10

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Find and save to a file 10 US proxies (without a check):

.. code-block:: bash

    $ proxybroker grab --countries US --limit 10 --outfile ./proxies.txt

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Run a local proxy server that distributes incoming requests to a pool
of found HTTP(S) proxies with the high level of anonymity:

.. code-block:: bash

    $ proxybroker serve --host --port 8888 --types HTTP HTTPS --lvl High

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| Run ``proxybroker --help`` for more information on the options available.
| Run ``proxybroker <command> --help`` for more information on a command.

Basic code example

Find and show 10 working HTTP(S) proxies:

.. code-block:: python

import asyncio
from proxybroker import Broker

async def show(proxies):
    while True:
        proxy = await proxies.get()
        if proxy is None: break
        print('Found proxy: %s' % proxy)

proxies = asyncio.Queue()
broker = Broker(proxies)
tasks = asyncio.gather(
    broker.find(types=['HTTP', 'HTTPS'], limit=10),

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

More examples <>_.



  • Check the ping, response time and speed of data transfer
  • Check site access (Google, Twitter, etc) and even your own custom URL's
  • Information about uptime
  • Checksum of data returned
  • Support for proxy authentication
  • Finding outgoing IP for cascading proxy
  • The ability to specify the address of the proxy without port (try to connect on defaulted ports)


  • Fork it:
  • Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  • Submit a pull request!


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from <>_.

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