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Proxy Checker features:

  1. Speed thresholds
  • You can set a speed limit up to 1 min. on any proxies. If any of them do not reach the set performance metrics, they will automatically be set to “failed”.
  1. Web check
  • While a proxy might be alive and well, it can still be blocked on your favorite website. With Proxy Checker, you’ll be able to have each proxy open via Chromium and ping your desired target to find out if there are any blocks.
  1. Any proxy type
  • Proxies have so many different types and flavors that even experts can get confused. However, Proxy Checker doesn’t - you can test any proxy type on it.
  1. Export proxies
  • With both of the settings above having the ability to fail some proxies, we have created a dedicated export option. Only the ones that have passed through the tests will be exported, making it easier for you to use the best ones.



Proxy Checker benefits:

  • Large proxy lists

  • Copying and pasting lists is no fun. We developed our solution to avoid repetitive tasks, so we built it to support up to 10 000 proxies in one list.

  • Easy to use

  • All you need to do is input proxies in a DOMAIN:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT:USER:PASS format. We’ll take care of the rest.

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