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Character Manager for EVE Online


4 years ago

2019-01-21: 0.8.1

  • Fixed serious bug where certain characters authorized via the new SSOv2 would show tokens as dying when they were in fact fine.
  • Node.js version bumped to v10.


4 years ago

2019-01-14: 0.8.0

  • Switch to SSO v2 for native applications for authorizing characters, characters entered previously continue to function as normal and can be gracefully upgraded to v2 by re-authorizing.
    • This removes the need for manually entering developer credentials.
    • Settings panel removed for now since developer credentials was its only use.
    • SSO v1 characters now show up with a blue check mark on the overview, v2 characters show a green check mark.
  • Fixed bug where unallocated SP would stick on an old value after all SP was allocated.
  • Fixed bug with alpha/omega status (thanks @hreeder).
  • Upgraded most dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple unnecessary refreshes of access tokens due to parallel data update operations.
  • Added some logging with electron-log.


4 years ago

2019-01-09: 0.7.0

  • Fixed bug causing utilized contract slots for characters to always show as 0.
  • Renamed pending contracts to incomplete contracts.
  • Added an indicator of the last refresh to the character contracts pages.
  • Added more info button to contracts tables which brings up a dialog box giving full details of the contract.
  • Skill browser
  • Skill planner
  • Mails
  • Updated to URL
  • Honestly there's probably other shit I've forgotten it's been a while since I release an update, hopefully it all works.


5 years ago

2018-04-21: 0.6.0

  • Cerebral is now licensed under the AGPL v3.0.
  • Users are now required to create an EVE Developer account and input credentials into Cerebral.
    • A markdown guide has been added in /docs/ giving instructions on creating an application on the EVE Developers site.
    • All characters must be re-authorized after inputting their new credentials.
    • Markers have been added on the character overview page showing a green tick/red warning symbol depending on whether the character needs to be re-authorized.
    • The currently baked in credentials in 0.5.0 and previous versions will be revoked 21/04/2018 21:00 UTC, at this time all versions of Cerebral prior to 0.6.0 will cease to function.
  • Split the API info into a new tab on the character page showing granted scopes, data refresh timers and a health check on the character's tokens.
  • The contracts page for characters now shows an indicator of used and available character contract slots.
  • SSO client/refresh token handling has been improved to better handle failing refresh tokens.


5 years ago

2018-04-18: 0.5.0 Alpha

  • Added a new tab "Contracts" showing contracts across all your characters.
    • Shows contract type, status, title, issuer, assignee/acceptor, date issued and date completed.
    • For courier contracts, shows origin; destination and volume.
    • Contracts are broken into two table, one for pending/in-progress/otherwise "active" contracts and another for completed contracts (which includes deleted, reversed, etc.)
  • Added unallocated SP to character pages.
  • Added an indicator to the jump clones tab showing jump clones used and maximum jump clones available.
  • Added delete buttons to SP Farming page to delete SP Farms from the list.
  • Added tabs to character pages, there are now tabs to view the following for each character:
    • Summary (main page as seen previously)
    • Skills (trained skills by groups in ABC order)
    • Contracts (looks same as the new global Contracts page except just shows contracts for that character)
  • Standardised all buttons to a single grey colour which is a bit less obnoxious than the previous light blue.
  • Cleaned up the code/UX for SP Farming.
  • Upgrades to the internal type caching system to ensure seamless upgrades of data.


5 years ago

2018-04-09: 0.4.0 Alpha

  • Added a new panel to the character pages showing information on when each type of data was last refreshed, and when it will next be refreshed.
  • Added a new panel to the character pages showing jump fatigue information.
  • Added a new panel to the character pages showing loyalty points.
  • Removed refresh button from character overview, all refreshing is handled automatically.
  • Started requesting scopes for fatigue, loyalty points and character contracts.
  • Various backend changes to the code to allow for selective scope granting in the future, and to prevent errors on characters added before a scope was requested by the application.
  • Fixed bug where version number in title bar would display as undefined.
  • Fixed bug where the user-agent string sent to CCP APIs when requesting data did not contain a valid version number.
  • Fixed bug where skills that were already finished would appear in the skill queue on character pages.


5 years ago

2018-04-06: 0.3.3 Alpha

  • Bug fixed whereby some alpha characters would be incorrectly classified as omega.
  • Version number now included in application title.
  • Corporation icons are now displayed beside the omega status icon on the character overview/sp farming pages
  • Implant icons are now shown for active implants.


5 years ago

2018-04-04: 0.3.2 Alpha

  • Fixed major bug which prevented adding new characters
  • Moved corp/alliance under character name on overview page
  • Refactored a lot of code to be more efficient and easier to maintain
  • Removed unnecessary react hot loader package


5 years ago

2018-04-03: 0.3.1 Alpha

  • Fixed a number of bugs caused by character IDs being inconsistently stored as strings/numbers (now forced to strings)


5 years ago

2018-04-03: 0.3.0 Alpha

  • Individual character pages added showing:
    • Basic character information: date of birth, security status, SP, wallet balance
    • Home location, current location, active ship
    • Attributes and remap information
    • Active implants
    • Skill queue
    • Jump clones
    • Scopes granted
  • Individual character pages can be opened by clicking on a character in the left navigation, or by clicking on a row on the Character Overview/SP Farrming tables.
  • A new scope "esi-universe.read_structures.v1" is now requested when adding a character.
    • This scope is used to resolve names and locations for structures for jump clones, home station, etc.
    • If you have characters entered into Cerebral, you should simply authorize them all again using the button and the scope will be added automatically.
    • If you do not re-authorize old characters, you may see locations listed as Unknown.
  • Lots of backend work around station/structure/system information.