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The non-template for academic CVs in latex

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prometheusCV: The non-template for academic CVs in latex.

Here to make creating your CV not an eternal torment.

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Install the Cormorant Garamond font on your machine. Also, set your texStudio to compile with XeLaTeX.


There are only 2 commands you'll need: \datedsubsection and \datedsubsectionnarrow. Their arguments are the same, they just differ in their spacing. The code that generated the first Education entry in the above screenshot is

\datedsubsection{\nth{8}-century BC -- present}
		School of the Gods, Greece}
		\textbf{Ph.D.}~in creating humanity}
	I am a \highlight{culture hero} ...}

The best way to get started is just to check out the main.tex file. I tried keeping the class file prometheus_cv.cls extremely simple so you don't get lost in new unknown commands. You should be able to easily create a professinoal looking CV with your basic LaTeX skills.

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