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Algorithmic, Data Structures, Frontend and Pentest - Programming challenges and competitions to improve knowledge.

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☕ Programming Challenges

Backend, frontend and pentest programming challenges and competitions to improve knowledge.
Desafios de programação backend, frontend e pentest e competições para aprimorar o conhecimento.




How to contribute

This is a totally free project that accepts contributions via pull requests on GitHub. This document is responsible for aligning contributions in accordance with established standards.

First steps

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add the links according to the standardized style in this guide
  3. Request the pull request
  4. Insert a short summary of the links added

A link needs to be added in its most authentic form, that is:

  • You cannot add link shorteners
  • You cannot add affiliate links (or with tracking parameters)

To maintain an overall standard across all links, you must:

  • Add a direct link to the content
  • Add a title consistent with the content title
  • Add a simple, small, unopened description from the Internet about the content

Commits style

This project follows the pattern below of commits to keep the organization:

<type>: message

Types of commits

  • ** fix ** - You fixed an error
  • ** new ** - You added a new link
  • ** docs ** - You found an error in the documentation or added new information
  • ** style ** - Did you find any pattern problems in the links

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