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Paint pixelart textures in real time in Blender with Aseprite.

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NOTE: downloading repo zip will not work in blender due to missing third party libraries. Get it from project page

Pribambase is a helper tool to easen and speed up lowpoly pixel textured, or 2.5D pixelart workflow. It links Aseprite and Blender editors, and handles a lot of repetitive manual operations which otherwise consitute a large and unexciting portion of the process.

  • Paint in Aseprite with instant viewport feedback in Blender. No need to save or export files.
  • Display UV map in Aseprite, which updates as you change the model.
  • Shortcuts for setting up world grids, pixel materials, and 2D sprites in the scene.
  • Sprite animation rig allows to directly control the frame of the animation, play entire animation, or separate tags. Works with common blender animation and NLA. Now support tag repeats and looping (Ase 1.3+).
  • Optionally maintain 2.5D spritesheets and animations for Armory game engine, which runs on top of Blender.
  • Experimental node setups for separate layers that allow painting several maps in the same document.


Source for aseprite plugin is the client/ folder. The repo root is the blender plugin. For using source, you'd probably want to symlink them to extension/addon locations.

Third party python packages are bundled as wheel to allow offline installation, but aren't stored in the repo. Download them from PyPI to thirdparty folder, or fetch with PIP:

cd to/project/root

## for your platform
pip download -d thirdparty -r requirements.txt

## for different platforms; the platform tags tags go look up on PyPI
pip download -d thirdparty --platform win32 --only-binary=:all: -r requirements.txt

NOTE: normally Blender includes its own python distribution, which might not match a separately installed version.


Although GPL license spread from some borrowed code, most of the project is MIT.


  • David Capello did a significant part of the work on interprocessing API for Aseprite
  • Async handling ( is based on Blender Cloud Addon
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