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Smart contracts for platform

Ropsten Test Network Smart Contract Addresses

PXT token - 0xD8A7C588f8DC19f49dAFd8ecf08eec58e64d4cC9, precision - 8

USDC token - 0xF930f2C7Bc02F89D05468112520553FFc6D24801, precision - 6

TUSD token - 0x78e7BEE398D66660bDF820DbDB415A33d011cD48, precision - 18

XAU (ERC1155Mintable.sol) token - 0x9b935e3779098bc5e1ffc073caf916f1e92a6145, precision - 0

GBPp token - 0xc2312cd69db8b07b1f541ebca8a52d52997da2aa, precision - 6

USDp token - 0xf4b1533b6F45fAC936fA508F7e5db6d4BbC4c8bd, precision - 6

AccessManager.sol - 0x0ebbaf0c3794ed23a0871e411a34be3a1679753a   

PopulousToken.sol - 0x0ff72e24af7c09a647865820d4477f98fcb72a2c, precision - 8     

SafeMath.sol - 0x9372f0241ab9357294311723da99cb57b270bfcd          
Populous.sol - 0x783d78c860f31f2d497be55784f6919e4dec9c93
DataManager.sol -  0x0f8abf5f708f971bd9a994ec3af40988aa0f4873     
Utils.sol - 0xc8d2eff467f8e9bd9d89a416b24b598afbfe8961

Platform Admin/Server Address - 0xf8b3d742b245ec366288160488a12e7a2f1d720d


exchangeXaup() function disabled in Populous.sol

Live Network Smart Contract Addresses

PXT token - 0xc14830e53aa344e8c14603a91229a0b925b0b262, precision - 8

USDC token - 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48, precision - 6

TUSD token - 0x8dd5fbce2f6a956c3022ba3663759011dd51e73e, precision - 18

XAU (ERC1155Mintable.sol) token - 0x73a3b7dffe9af119621f8467d8609771ab4bc33f, precision - 0

GBPp token- 0xc1e50afcd71a09f81f1b4e4daa1d1a1a4d678d2a, precision - 6

USDp token - 0xBaB5D0f110Be6f4a5b70a2FA22eD17324bFF6576, precision - 6

AccessManager.sol - 0x98ca4bf7e522cd6d2f69cf843dfab327a1e26497
PopulousToken.sol - 0xd4fa1460f537bb9085d22c7bccb5dd450ef28e3a
SafeMath.sol - 0x8f222c6acbcfd802c9a1152d78f0178b02b62c45
Populous.sol - 0x107c33e828ff3c995ed8df2ee20bb3573aa62d56
DataManager.sol - 0xcd565ca18f06e2e4d251b55dc49a4fe456c72052
Utils.sol - 0xcab23f0118f87d01a6d2fd3d93aeeaca789c8fb7

Platform Admin/Server Address - 0x63d509f7152769ddf162ed048b83719fe1e31080


withdrawERC1155() function disable before livenet deployment


Update populous in AccessManager smart contract for populous project (this is the same as the XAUp AccessManager smart contract)

Update populous in GBPp smart contract and update populous allowance in GBPp to 10 billion (6 decimals)

Update populous in USDp smart contract and update populous allowance in USDp to 10 billion (6 decimals)

Update populous allowance in USDC smart contract (6 decimals)

[email protected]

for ppt transfer to DepositContract.sol on the livenet, 39-40 thousand GWei is required for Gas Limit/Costs

gas: 8000000 gasPrice: 100000000000

command to unlock account in truffle console - e.g., web3.personal.unlockAccount(web3.eth.coinbase, 'password', '0x5460') with time in hex 0x5460 = 21,600 seconds

note: before redeploying Populous.sol, delete Populous.json and DepositContract.json in the build/contracts/ directory first and verify Access Manager AM() is set after deployment.

if livenet deployment fails, check transaction queue and if queue is high, remove account and replace with a new one with an empty transaction queue.

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