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This is a community project. We write and collect scripts for polybar!

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This is a community project. We write and collect scripts for Polybar!

To find out how to write and use your own scripts, read Polybars wiki.

This repository is not an exact blueprint. I guess every script has to be customized to make your Polybar unique. We cannot guarantee that all scripts will work because many scripts are written for very specific purposes. But we're trying.

Your script isn't here yet? You have ideas to extend the scripts or descriptions? Send us your pull request or join us on freenode's #polybar.

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Is this your first time here? You should definitely take a look at these scripts:


  • Save the script of your choice somewhere at ~/.config/polybar/.
  • Don't forget to make the script executable: chmod +x ~/.config/polybar/script.sh.
  • Copy the module settings into your configuration file.
  • Replace the appropriate icon strings in the script (e.g. replace #1 with 🎉).

all colors are beautiful

updates-pacman-aurhelper system-cpu-temppercore notification-chess notification-reddit vpn-openvpn-isrunning inbox-imap-pythongpg openweathermap-fullfeatured ticker-crypto info-docker easteregg-pornhub info-airqualityindex player-mpris-simple battery-combined-tlp info-projecthamster system-usb-udev system-usb-udev openweathermap-simple info-pingrtt info-ssh-sessions openweathermap-detailed info-hackspeed info-xampp info-taskspooler network-publicip system-thinklight player-mpris-tail info-redshift-temp info-trash vpn-wireguard-wg vpn-wireguard-wg info-softwarecounter vpn-anyconnect-status dunst-snooze dunst-snooze player-cmus info-todotxt vpn-networkmanager-status info-wifinomadkronoplus info-wifionice network-localip updates-dnf system-eprivacy network-ipinfo.io system-gpu-optimus info-cava info-wakatime info-tmux-sessions info-hlwm-workspaces info-hexdate notification-spacex info-podman isrunning-noisetorch info-camera-mic info-healthchecks.io network-huawei-modem info-timezone

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