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Collaborative malware analysis framework

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What is Polichombr?

This tool aim to provide a collaborative malware analysis framework.


A more detailed documentation is placed in the docs folder


  • Sample storage and documentation
  • Semi automated malware analysis
  • IDA Pro collaboration
  • Online disassembly
  • Binary matching with the MACHOC fuzzy hash algorithm
  • Yara matching


Please see the corresponding file in the docs directory

Example scripts

Scripts under the folder examples permits some basic actions for a Polichombr instance.


Generic sample informations


Family/Threat overview


Online disassembly


Share IDA Pro informations from the WebUI / directly to other users


Automated hotpoints detection


Taking notes right from IDA


Feature documentation

Malware analysis

Polichombr provides an engine to automate the analysis tasks by identifying points of interest inside the malicious binary, and providing them both on a web interface and inside the analyst's tools via an API.

Plugins / tasks

Analysis tasks are loaded from the app/controllers/tasks directory, and must inherit from the Task object. In particular, several tasks are already implemented:

  • AnalyzeIt, a ruby script based on metasm, wich is used to identify interesting points in the binary. The goal is to help the analyst by giving hints about where to start. For example, we try to identify crypto loops, functions wich calls sensitive API (file, process, network, ...)

  • Peinfo : We load the PE metadata with the peinfo library.

  • Strings : extract ASCII and Unicode strings


We use several signature models to classify malware:

  • Yara
  • imphash
  • Machoc


Machoc is a CFG-based algorithm to classify malware. For more informations, please refer to the following documentation:

IDA Collaboration: Skelenox

This is an IDAPython plugin, wich is used to synchronize the names and comments with the knowledge base, and with other users database


Contributions are welcome, so please read CONTRIBUTING.md to have a quick start on how to get help or add features in Polichombr

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