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A research-based starter pihole list to improve your privacy

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Research shows Google collects 20x more data from Android than Apple collects from iOS. Block both using these pihole lists.

Project Goals and FAQ

The purpose and goals of this blocklist are outlined in the FAQ

The lists

For a list of domains that should not break anything, use telemetry-domains.txt.

If you want to also block domains that are not well-tested, add telemetry-domains_beta.txt to the list.

Domains that are known to break user-facing services or apps are moved to telemetry-domains_borked.txt for use at your own risk.

These lists are maintained with help from the community. Any efforts to help sort domains into the correct blocklists will help others better block non-consensual telemetry.

Import blocklist

On the Pi-hole admin page, go under Group management > Adlists > Add a new adlist

You can add a new list either by URL or by local path:

( ! ) To apply the changes you need to run pihole -g or update your gravity list online: http://<YOUR-PIHOLE_SERVER>/admin/gravity.php

Existing lists

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