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Laravel Live Templates for PhpStorm

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:warning: This repository is no longer maintained.

I no longer use this repository and do not maintain it anymore.

My recommendation is to use Laravel IDE Helper, which is a much more robust solution for autocompletion and static checking.

Laravel Live Templates for PhpStorm

How to:

  1. Go to Preferences | Tools | Settings Repository

  2. Add Read-only Source

  3. Restart PhpStorm.

  4. To see all templates, go to Preferences | Live Templates and expand the Template Group.

It's hard to remember shortcuts when there are a large number of options. A more efficient way is to take advantage of PhpStorm's Insert Live Template shortcut. Type as few or as many letters as you want and press Cmd + J. Then continue typing to filter the options.

For example, for the Schema Builder, type Sc or Sch or Schema and press Cmd + J.

Note: In the preview version of PhpStorm 8, live templates show up automatically as you type the first few letters. You should still press Cmd + J to filter out everything else (classes, variables, etc).

Supported Live Templates


Route Annotations Screenshot

Tip: Type @ and then Cmd+J inside a docblock to see the options.


Laravel Blade Screenshot

Requests & Input

Laravel Input Screenshot

Laravel Input Screenshot

Laravel Requests Screenshot

Laravel Cookie Screenshot


Laravel Routes Screenshot

All Route verbs are labelled get by default, but you can change it easily once the shortcut is expanded:

Laravel Routes Screenshot

Views, Responses and Redirects

Laravel Views Screenshot

Laravel Responses Screenshot

Laravel Redirects Screenshot

Schema Builder

Laravel Schema Screenshot

Laravel Tables Screenshot


Laravel Cache Screenshot


Laravel Form Screenshot


Laravel Session Screenshot


Laravel Helpers Screenshot


Other goodies

Take your PhpStorm productivity to the next level with these keyboard shortcuts.

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