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This PHP7 extension provides a simplified interface to the Argon2 algorithm, the winner of the Password Hashing Competition. Argon2 is considered the successor to bcrypt/scrypt/pbkdf methods of securely hasing passwords. This project is in no way associated with or endorsed by the PHC team.

Note this is extension is only compatible with PHP7+. Support for lower versions of PHP will not be considered.


# Clone the extension and the Argon2 Submodule
git clone --recursive
cd php-argon2-ext

# Build the Argon2 library
cd ext/argon2
CFLAGS="-fPIC" make -j1 OPTTARGET=i686
make test

# Remove the argon2 shared library to force Argon2 to be compiled statically into the extension
cd ../..

# Build the extension
./configure --with-argon2


Once you have compiled the extension, you can install it via make install, adding the extension to your php.ini file or to a file in your loaded extensions directory,

$ make install
# Load the extension to your php.ini/php conf.d
# echo "" > /path/to/php.ini


Extension is tested through make test. You are strongly encouraged to run the tests to make sure everything was built correctly. A summary of the tests will be outlined

$ make test

If make test encounters an error, please provide a copy of the error report as a Github issue.



The following constants are exposed for determining which Argon2 algorithm you wish to use:


The constant HASH_ARGON2ID can also be aliased by HASH_ARGON2.

These constants are named to avoid conflicts with, which would implement Argon2 in PHP Core.

Hash Generation

argon2_hash(string $string [, const $algorithm = HASH_ARGON2ID] [, array $options ] [, bool $raw = false ]);

Hashes can be generated by running argon2_hash() with the string you want to see hashed. Without any additional arguements, the hash generated will have the following options. These defaults are based upon the Argon2 specification as good minimums. You are encouraged to run make bench against the ext/argon2 to determine what are good defaults for your system.

algorithm = HASH_ARGON2ID
options = [
    m_cost: 1<<16
    t_cost: 3
    threads: 1

This function follows the same design principles of password_hash(), in that a salt will be generated on your behalf. This method does not provide you with a way to provide your own salt. The salt generated uses the native PHP function php_password_make_salt, which is the same method used to generate salts for password_hash().

The $algorithm can be changed by passing in either HASH_ARGON2ID, HASH_ARGON2I or HASH_ARGON2D. If the algorithm is invalid, an InvalidArguementException will be raised.

This library allows you to specify an array of options to tune Argon2 to your system. The available options for the $options array, and their defaults are defined above. Argon2 has several tolerances in place for each of these values. If the value falls outside those tolerances, and InvalidArguementException will be raised.

In the event an error occurs with the argon2 library, or a salt cannot be securely generated, an E_WARNING will be raised, and this will return false.

If no errors occur, an argon2 encoded hash string will be returned.

This function operates against version 1.3 of the Argon2 library and above.

Example Hash


If $raw is set to true, then this function will return binary output instead. This is useful for Key Derivation Functions (KDF).

Validating Hashes

argon2_verify(string $string, string $hash);

Hashes can be verified by running argon2_verify() with the string string and string hash generated by argon2_hash. This function will return either true or false depending upon if the hash is valid or not. If the hash provided isn't a valid argon2 hash, false will be returned, an an E_WARNING will be raised.

Retrieving Hash Information

argon2_get_info(string $hash);

To retrieve information about an existing Argon2 hash, run argon2_get_info(). This function will return an array containing the algorithm name, and the options used for hash generation.

array(2) {
  string(7) "argon2i"
  array(3) {


BSD-3-Clause. See LICENSE for more details.

PHP functions php_password_make_salt and salt_to_base64 are licensed under the PHP License. See

This product includes PHP software, freely available from

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