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A Simple NodeJs library to parse Resume / CV to JSON.

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Resume Parser

A Simple NodeJs library to parse Resume / CV to JSON.

This library parse through CVs / Resumes in the word (.doc or .docx) / RTF / TXT / PDF / HTML format to extract the necessary information in a predefined JSON format. If the CVs / Resumes contain any social media profile links then the solution should also parse the public social profile web-pages and organize the data in JSON format (e.g. Linkedin public profile, Github, etc.)


npm install resume-parser --save


const ResumeParser = require('resume-parser');

// From file to file
  .parseResumeFile('./files/resume.doc', './files/compiled') // input file, output dir
  .then(file => {
    console.log("Yay! " + file);
  .catch(error => {

// From URL
  .parseResumeUrl('') // url
  .then(data => {
    console.log('Yay! ', data);
  .catch(error => {

At this moment application will work fine, but! By default it supports only .TXT and .HTML text formats. For better performance you should install at least support of .PDF (and .DOC). Here is instructions, how to do it from textract README file:

  • PDF extraction requires pdftotext be installed, link
  • DOC extraction requires catdoc be installed, link, unless on OSX in which case textutil (installed by default) is used.
  • DOCX extraction requires unzip be available (e.g. sudo apt-get install unzip for Ubuntu)


All 'action' are by building src/dictionary.js file. For now it has only basics rules, but it's very flexible (although a bit complicated) and extensible. Just put your rule according to existing and following main principles and enjoy!


Many thanks to Alexey Lizurchik for this amazing library.

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