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What is PEPP-PT?

The purpose of the Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT) approach is to provide a common basis for management systems that can be integrated into national public health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PEPP-PT approach is being created by a multi-national European team. It is a privacy-preserving digital proximity-tracing approach, which is in full compliance with GDPR and can also be used when traveling between countries.


Main documents:

The building blocks will be published as separate documents step by step as we complete the editing process.

building blocks

Smartphone app

Folder 01-smartphone-app


Infection status verification service

Folder 02-infection-verification

Proximity warning service

Folder 03-proximity-warning


National health policy framework

Folder 04-health-policy

Pandemic management planning framework

Folder 05-pandemic-framework

Epidemiological validation frameworks

Folder 06-epidemiological-validation

Operational pandemic management backbone

Folder 07-operational-backbone

Planning pandemic management backbone

Folder 08-planning-backbone

Inter-country federation service

Folder 09-federation

Data protection protocol

Folder 10-data-protection


The primary location of the ROBERT approach is Please use the primary location for comments and discussions about ROBERT.

Secure communication protocol

Folder 11-secure-communication

Proximity measurement

Folder 12-proximity-measurement:



See FAQ.

Open source strategy

PEPP-PT is preparing a number of source code repositories to be open sourced.

These repositories include:

Our goal when open sourcing the code is to be transparent and establish a dialog with the community. Through this transparency and ongoing discussion, our hope is to build trust and ensure any concerns raised are resolved before solutions based on PEPP-PT are released to the general public.


The project does not accept contributions through GitHub at this point.

Details will be described in CONTRIBUTING.

Questions or feedback

You may send questions or feedback to the PEPP-PT discussion group.


This is an open-source project of PEPP-PT. It is licensed under the MPL by the original copyright holders. See LICENSE and CONTRIBUTORS.

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