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Pedestal is a set of libraries written in Clojure that aims to bring both the language and its principles (Simplicity, Power, and Focus) to server-side development.

Pedestal features:

  • Secure by default
  • Batteries included, but designed for extensibility
  • Asynchronous request handling
  • Server Sent Events and WebSockets as first class citizens
  • Integrated logging, metrics, and tracing
  • Default integration with Jetty 11

You can stand up a basic Pedestal server in just a few lines of code (see the tutorials in the documentation), but Pedestal is designed to grow with you, as your application matures and expands.

See the full documentation for far more detail about using Pedestal, its design, and its philosophy.

Pedestal requires Clojure 1.10 or later, and works with Servlet API 4.0 and Java 11 and up.


Primary support is on the #pedestal channel of Clojurians Slack.


See for details on contributing to Pedestal.

Running the tests

From the tests subdirectory, execute clj -X:test.


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