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Path autocomplete for visual studio code.

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Path Autocomplete for Visual Studio Code

Provides path completion for visual studio code.

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  • it supports relative paths (starting with ./)
  • it supports absolute path to the workspace (starting with /)
  • it supports absolute path to the file system (starts with: C:)
  • it supports paths relative to the user folder (starts with ~)
  • it supports parial paths (./tmp/fol will suggest ./tmp/folder1 if it exists)
  • it supports items exclusions via the path-autocomplete.excludedItems option
  • it supports npm packages (starting with a-z and not relative to disk)
  • it supports automatic suggestion after selecting a folder
  • it supports custom mappings via the path-autocomplete.pathMappings option
  • it supports custom transformations to the inserted text via the path-autocomplete.transformations
  • it supports Windows paths with the path-autocomplete.useBackslash
  • it supports VS Code for Web (including on Windows)


You can install it from the marketplace. ext install path-autocomplete


  • path-autocomplete.extensionOnImport - boolean If true it will append the extension as well when inserting the file name on import or require statements.

  • path-autocomplete.includeExtension - boolean If true it will append the extension as well when inserting the file name.

  • path-autocomplete.excludedItems This option allows you to exclude certain files from the suggestions.

    "path-autocomplete.excludedItems": {
        "**/*.js": { "when": "**/*.ts" }, // ignore js files if i'm inside a ts file
        "**/*.map": { "when": "**" }, // always ignore *.map files
        "**/{.git,node_modules}": { "when": "**" }, // always ignore .git and node_modules folders
        "**": { "when": "**", "isDir": true }, // always ignore `folder` suggestions
        "**/*.ts": { "when": "**", "context": "import.*" }, // ignore .ts file suggestions in all files when the current line matches the regex from the `context`

    minimatch is used to check if the files match the pattern.

  • path-autocomplete.pathMappings Useful for defining aliases for absolute or relative paths.

    "path-autocomplete.pathMappings": {
        "/test": "${folder}/src/Actions/test", // alias for /test
        "/": "${folder}/src", // the absolute root folder is now /src,
        "$root": ${folder}/src // the relative root folder is now /src
        // or multiple folders for one mapping
        "$root": ["${folder}/p1/src", "${folder}/p2/src"] // the root is now relative to both p1/src and p2/src

    Supported variables:

    Name Description
    ${home} User home folder
    ${folder} The root folder of the current file
    ${workspace} The root folder of the current workspace
    ${fileDirname} The directory of the current file
    ${relativeFileDirname} The current opened file's dirname relative to workspaceFolder
  • path-autocomplete.pathSeparators - string Lists the separators used for extracting the inserted path when used outside strings. The default value is: \t({[

  • path-autocomplete.transformations List of custom transformation applied to the inserted text. Example: replace _ with an empty string when selecting a SCSS partial file.

    "path-autocomplete.transformations": [{
        "type": "replace",
        "parameters": ["^_", ""],
        "when": {
            "fileName": "\\.scss$"

    Supported transformation:

    • replace - Performs a string replace on the selected item text. Parameters:
      • regex - a regex pattern
      • replaceString - the replacement string
  • path-autocomplete.triggerOutsideStrings boolean - if true it will trigger the autocomplete outside of quotes

  • path-autocomplete.enableFolderTrailingSlash boolean - if true it will add a slash after the insertion of a folder path that will trigger the autocompletion.

  • path-autocomplete.disableUpOneFolder boolean - disables the up one folder (..) element from the completion list.

  • path-autocomplete.useBackslash boolean - if true it will use \\ when iserting the paths.

  • path-autocomplete.useSingleBackslash boolean - If enabled it will insert a single backslash (\) even inside quoted strings.

  • path-autocomplete.ignoredFilesPattern - string - Glob patterns for disabling the path completion in the specified file types. Example: "*/.{css,scss}"

  • path-autocomplete.ignoredPrefixes array - list of ignored prefixes to disable suggestions on certain preceeding words/characters. Example:

        "path-autocomplete.ignoredPrefixes": [
            "//" // type double slash and no suggesstions will be displayed

Configure VSCode to recognize path aliases

VSCode doesn't automatically recognize path aliases so you cannot alt+click to open files. To fix this you need to create jsconfig.json or tsconfig.json to the root of your project and define your alises. An example configuration:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "esnext", // define to your liking
    "baseUrl": "./",
    "paths": {
      "test/*": ["src/actions/test"],
      "assets/*": ["src/assets"]
  "exclude": ["node_modules"] // Optional


  • if you want to use this in markdown or simple text files you need to enable path-autocomplete.triggerOutsideStrings

  • ./ for relative paths

    If ./ doesn't work properly, add this to keybindings.json: { "key": ".", "command": "" }. Refer to

  • When I use aliases I can't jump to imported file on Ctrl + Click

    This is controlled by the compiler options in jsconfig.json. You can create the JSON file in your project root and add paths for your aliases. jsconfig.json Reference

  • if you have issues with duplicate suggestions please use the path-autocomplete.ignoredFilesPattern option to disable the path autocomplete in certain file types

  • if you need more fine grained control for handing duplicate items you can use the path-autocomplete.excludedItems option as follows:

// disable all suggestions in HTML files, when the current line contains the href or src attributes
"path-autocomplete.excludedItems": {
        "**": {
            "when": "**/*.html",
            "context": "(src|href)=.*"

// for js and typescript you can disable the vscode suggestions using the following options
"javascript.suggest.paths": false,
"typescript.suggest.paths": false

Release notes

The release notes are available in the file.


Mihai Ionut Vilcu


This extension is based on path-intellisense

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