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This is Node.js port for Perl Geo::StreetAddress::US package

Description from Geo::StreetAddress::US:

Geo::StreetAddress::US is a regex-based street address and street intersection parser for the United States. Its basic goal is to be as forgiving as possible when parsing user-provided address strings. Geo::StreetAddress::US knows about directional prefixes and suffixes, fractional building numbers, building units, grid-based addresses (such as those used in parts of Utah), 5 and 9 digit ZIP codes, and all of the official USPS abbreviations for street types and state names... more


//from node:
npm install parse-address
var parser = require('parse-address'); 
var parsed = parser.parseLocation('1005 N Gravenstein Highway Sebastopol CA 95472');

//from browser:
<script type="text/javascript" src="./parse-address.min.js"></script>
var parsed = parseAddress.parseLocation('1005 N Gravenstein Highway Sebastopol CA 95472');

//Parsed address:
 number: '1005',
 prefix: 'N',
 street: 'Gravenstein',
 type: 'Hwy',
 city: 'Sebastopol',
 state: 'CA',
 zip: '95472' }
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