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An extensible and customizable GUI API/library to create ClickGUIs, HUDEditors and TabGUIs designed for use in Minecraft utility mods.

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An extensible and customizable GUI API/library to create ClickGUIs, HUDEditors and TabGUIs designed for use in Minecraft utility mods. It was originally designed for a private client, but made open source, so that it could be used for GameSense.

The library has no depedencies (aside from Java 8), so it can be easily used for other purposes, aside from Minecraft utility mods. Thanks to Go_Hoosiers, for suggesting the name of this library. If you use this library, some attribution would be greatly appreciated. Also consider visiting the PanelStudio discord server:

In addition to the core PanelStudio library, there are the PanelStudio-MC support libraries, which depend on Minecraft:

Library Example Mod Target
panelstudio-mc12 example-mod12 Minecraft Forge 1.12.2
panelstudio-mc16-fabric example-mod16-fabric FabricMC 1.16.5
panelstudio-mc16-forge example-mod16-forge Minecraft Forge 1.16.5
panelstudio-mc8-fabric example-mod8-fabric Legacy Fabric 1.8.9
panelstudio-mc8-forge example-mod8-forge Minecraft Forge 1.8.9
panelstudio-mc17 example-mod17 & example-mod18 FabricMC 1.17.1 & 1.18.2
panelstudio-mc19 example-mod19 FabricMC 1.19.2
panelstudio-mc194 example-mod194 FabricMC 1.19.4
panelstudio-mc20 example-mod20 FabricMC 1.20

Minecraft versions or APIs not in this table can also be used with PanelStudio, but the small PanelStudio-MC library has to be ported, which shouldn't be hard in most cases.


  • Thanks to NirvanaNevermind for making the original port of PanelStudio-MC to Fabric 1.8.9!
  • Thanks to Go_Hoosiers (aka. GooberTown or IUDevman) for designing the original PanelStudio logo!
  • Thanks to Chomp for making a pull request to change the readme, I guess.
  • Thanks to Diliard for porting PanelStudio-MC to Fabric 1.19.2!
  • Thanks to RitomG69 for porting PanelStudio-MC to Fabric 1.19.4 and 1.20!


  • Everything is flexible and can be extended.
  • Wide variety of widgets.
  • Ability to easily create new themes/skins.
  • A large amount of combinations of layouts.
  • Any combination of theme and layout is possible, thus having a huge amount of options, even with the default themes and layouts.
  • Smooth animations and scrolling.
  • Ability to have HUD components in panels. Unfortunately, performance isn't the best, so not every combination makes sense.

Documentation and Help

Here are some useful resources to figure out PanelStudio:


Here are some examples of what PanelStudio can accomplish (note: some of the presented themes are private an not available on this repository): a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p

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