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OTE : One Time Email


ote is a command line utility that generates temporary email address and automatically extracts OTPs or confirmation links from the incoming mails. It uses 1secmail.com's API to generate temporary emails.

It can be installed with pip as follows:

pip3 install ote


Enter ote in your terminal, a random email address will be generated for you. Any OTP or confirmation link sent to this address will be printed on your terminal.

After that:

  • If the link/OTP is not accurate, enter 'f' to print the link to the email to check it yourself.
  • If you want to open the confirmation link in your browser right away, enter 'o'
  • To quit, either enter 'q' or press Ctrl+C

Note: If your OTP or link was a false positive or was not detected at all, please create an issue with the email body attached. The more variations of OTPs we have, the better the detection will get over time.

Generate a custom email

ote init myusername

It will create an email of form [email protected]. After this point, ote will use this personalized email every time.

Generate a secure email

ote init

It will generate a random 20 character email and save it for subsequent usage like the previous option.

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